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i cant think of a title lol

Look, Kern, I’m blogging a week after the semester is over because had I blogged at any point before this I think most of it would have just been nasty things I didn’t mean out of pure exhaustion.  I’ve slept,... Continue Reading →


A kid drew me today

Or at least drew Tybalt. The picture complexes me to say the least. My hair is not that long. It isn't my costume. I am NOT 4.6ft (thank you very much!) The kid offered this to me after sketching it... Continue Reading →

Letting Our Guard Down

I'm not going to lie... this is a draining process. It is absolutely thrilling, euphoric, exciting, and artistically fullfilling... but boy, is it draining. After having toured for about three and a half weeks, I've got to say, I am... Continue Reading →


Hi, I’m Troy McCl–– I mean, Sam Richardson. You may know me from such productions as TWO GENTS (BUT IN THE 80s!) and JULIUS CAESAR: RECASTIUS. This is my third time working on Adler’s Company Tour. When I was a... Continue Reading →

How Does A Journey Begin?

If “Journeys end in lovers meeting”, does that mean a journey begins with actors departing Port Authority in the early hours of the morning? Now that I have my obligatory Carrie Bradshaw thesis question out of the way, I can... Continue Reading →

Rest Your Minim Rests

Alright, let me try again.  Time and time again have I sat down to contribute to this collective blog.  “Case, surely you have something, anything to share. Some thoughts, revelations, ideas, frustrations, experiences… anything?  Well, between *insert list of things... Continue Reading →

Coming Up For Air

This project is truly an experience like no other I can imagine. Throughout the rehearsal process, myself and the rest of the Romeo and Juliet cast experienced a variety of emotions. I know I personally had days where I went... Continue Reading →

Second tour show

Well I started writing this now three days ago and for some reason couldn’t finish or fully articulate everything from the second tour date for Twelfth Night. Perhaps because it was all of what Kern reminded us in his latest... Continue Reading →

Just the beginning

We’ve kicked off the tour, and we are about to begin our second week. This first week has truly been a lesson in working with what life gives you. We traveled all the way to New Jersey and back and... Continue Reading →

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